Orientation Itinerary

Deakin University Orientation Itinerary
Welcome to Deakin's Orientation program! To make a successful start, attend all of the sessions in your itinerary.
If you need more information, visit our student Hosts at a welcome area on Campus.

Your Orientation Program: Find out what is planned for you during O'Week (29 February to 4 March)**
To access your personalised Orientation itinerary, select your campus*, faculty, student type and course from the fields below then click 'find'. Once your itinerary is shown, you can click on any session for further information. To make a successful start, we recommend you attend all sessions in your itinerary.

You can also add you orientation program to your calendar in DeakinSync. Go to Settings > Calendar Settings and select "Orientation Week".

If you need more information or are having difficulty accessing your itinerary please email engagement@deakin.edu.au. For any enquiries about the International Student Welcome on 22 February, please contact isadvice@deakin.edu.au.

Events and activities continue beyond O'Week too! Follow DeakinLife on facebook/deakinlife, Twitter @deakinlife and Instagram @deakinlife to stay up to date.

*Cloud Students: An orientation program tailored to cloud students will also commence on 29 February. Further details will be provided closer to the date. If you live close to a campus, we invite you to join in the on campus activities as well.

**PLEASE NOTE: Orientation information may be updated prior to 29 February. We recommend you review this site again just prior to orientation for the most up to date version.